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The Economy of Swallowed Knives

Kyle Dargan Four Way Review
The New Jersey-born poet Kyle Dargan adds irony to our reckless consumer economy, tracing the impulse to a juvenile urge to grow up.

Supporting Dictators is NOT Anti-Imperialism

Meredith Tax ROAR
Fed -up with the imperial adventures of their own western capitalist governments, some radicals wrongly side with foreign dictators in the name of anti-imperialism. The book under review aims to move beyond a disabling “the West and the rest” binary.

The Adjunct Underclass

Gary Roth Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
About one-half of all higher education teachers and professors are contingent, or adjunct, laborers. This book portrays this crisis, and even though it is a flawed treatment, reviewer Roth finds some things of interest in this study.

Iowa Crops Look Like Food — But No One’s Eating

Mark Bittman Heated: by Medium and Mark Bittman
Inside a system that traps farmers and screws up the planet
Iowa is unrecognizable from centuries ago, when Europeans took the land for themselves. What were prairie and wetlands are now neatly partitioned grids of intensely cultivated land: the model for the farm as factory.

Leaves of Crass

Jeff Balch Evanston Round Table
Illinois poet Jeff Balch takes some liberties with Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself,” turning the verse into something like the voice of our president, if he were poetic.