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Where Is the Women’s Movement?

Meredith Tax The Nation
Women’s movements are often born in periods of general political upsurge. Why isn’t that happening? Why do young feminists seem more interested in social media than in building feminist organizations?

Brandon Langford Talks Through Detention

Maryfrances Wagner Rattle
Anyone passing through high school discipline will appreciate the fate of Brandon as told by his teacher, Missouri Laureate Maryfrances Wagner.

The Red Scare Scarred the Left — But Couldn’t Kill It

Benjamin Balthaser Jacobin
The postwar Second Red Scare successfully smashed the American left. But in the midst of its devastation, a small number of old leftists refused to be shut up by the climate of fear. Without their heroism, the New Left could never have emerged.

How CODA Managed To Pull Out a Best Picture Win

Alissa Wilkinson Vox
CODA may not really be 2021’s best film, but CODA’s Best Picture win might just make the best sense. As a representative of the topsy-turvy movie year, in a topsy-turvy world, handed out at a remarkably topsy-turvy Oscars, it might not be half bad.

Here We Go Again

Jan Barry
Anti-war activist Jan Barry sees in the Ukraine crisis both memories of older wars and a warning.