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Why We Need Unions

Stephen Dunn Plume Poetry
The Pulitzer-prize winning poet Stephen Dunn died last week on his 82nd birthday. This poem reminds us that if life isn’t fair, there’s still kindness, even love.

International Gay Cinema: 25 LGBTQ Movies to See from Around the World

Ryan Lattanzio IndieWire
American movies and TV are making major strides in LGBTQ representation, but storytellers abroad are in many ways ahead of the curve, exploring sexuality and relationships with groundbreaking technique, in ways often coded and ahead of their time.

After the Press Conference

Hayden Saunier Vox Populi
“Truth is we know when someone’s lying,” says the poet Hayden Saunier about some press conference. Then what do we do about it?

Winged Words: Maxime Rodinson on the Prophet Mohammad

Tariq Ali Tariq Ali London Review of Books
With Islamophobia rife in Europe and the Western hemisphere and with France’s center and far-right parties weaponizing laicity and scapegoating refugees, it’s time for engaged readers to reacquaint themselves with Rodinson’s classic study.

Winter Counts

Julia Stein Rain Taxi
This crime novel, writes reviewer Stein, "offers a fascinating snapshot of life and Lakota culture on the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota."