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The World’s Oldest Leavened Bread Is Rising Again

Theresa Machemer Smithsonian Magazine
This is the story behind the breads you might be baking in lockdown. Grace Z. Li in SF Weekly writes “Baking bread is cheap, it’s time-consuming, it’s indoors, it’s useful, and it’s as healthy as its add-ons will be."


Philip C. Kolin
2020, the year, the eyesight, the zeroes, so the Mississippi poet Philip Kolin greets the new decade, calling up the failures of Trumpism in his own words.

A Dialectical Delight

Sophia Beach International Socialism
A deep, translucent dive into Marx's capacity to take Hegel's comservatizing worldviews and turn them into elements of revolutionary theory and practice.

Radical Wordsworth, Well-Kept Secrets

Freya Johnston The Guardian
The great English poet William Wordsworth (1770-1850), writes reviewer Johnston, based his groundbreaking style on the "radical claim that apparently trivial things and people, the rhythms of ordinary life, were the stuff of true poetry."

We Are All Irrational Panic Shoppers

Helen Rosner The New Yorker
On social media, shoppers across the country have been sharing pictures of grocery stores' denuded shelves and shopping baskets overflowing with random groceries.

On Living

Nâzım Hikmet
This extract from Nâzım Hikmet’s poetry speaks to the real crisis in these times of trouble.