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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Little Black Boy

Lois Fried
Writing from personal experience, Lois Fried traces the divide from days of Jim Crow to Black Lives Matter.

First Peanut Museum in the U.S.

Gastro Obscura Atlas Obscura
The Spanish and Portuguese introduced peanuts to Africa from where they were transported to America via the slave trade; the word goober is the Kimbundu word, nguba, meaning “kidney shaped.”

A Thank You and a Message of Hope

Where do we go in the coming year? We hope to begin to turn vision into reality. To not only turn the page, but to begin a new chapter.

Luchtfietser [Daydreamer]

Robert Perry Coronagedicht
One year after people began to quarantine, Robert Perry’s poetry captures the slow realization as one day passes into the next how daydreaming eases the loneliness.