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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Putting Genocide Into Words

Lisa Appignanesi The Guardian
The book provides an inside look at how the terms "genocide" and "crimes against humanity" entered worldwide discourse in the wake of the Nuremberg trials.

Death Rides the Elevator in Brooklyn

Martín Espada Floaters
Martín Espada’s newest collection, Floaters, takes its title from the term used by some Border Patrol police to describe migrants drowned in the Rio Grande.

What White Supremacy Is and Isn’t: A Reading List

Rosie Gillies The Boston Review
White supremacy , a founding U.S. principle, remains prevalent today. This reading list was compiled shortly after the January 6 D.C. white insurrection and attempted seizure of the capital building. Follow the links for full reviews of each book.

Ben Fletcher: The Life and Times of a Black Wobbly

Brian Shuffler ZNet
The full extent of the African American participation in the left wing, working class, and progressive movements has yet to be fully documented. This book makes a worthy contribution to increasing our knowledge of this history.

A Brief Anatomy of Outdoor Dining

Adam Gopnik New Yorker
Alfresco dining shelters are, in the midst of so much sadness, shining instances of the sheer bounce of creativity on our streets; they do what architecture ought to:solve social necessities with improvised forms; make common design from common need.