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Black Dinners Matter

Amanda Yee and Soleil Ho Whetstone Magazine
Food was a weapon of control by slaveholders, most often used as a mechanism for domination and exploitation. The story of African American food has also been a story about self-determination and ownership.

There I Was

Avery Gregurich Rattle
The anniversary of the election insurrection evokes memories of anger and simplicity; are we more prepared?

Lessons for Courtiers

Daniel Schlozman Dissent
The results of the 2020 Democratic primaries suggest the limits of a left strategy for power starting at, rather than building toward, the presidency.


Harvard Chan editors The Nutrition Source
Food cravings cravings can pop up at any moment and aren’t always fueled by hunger pangs.

Sensory Details

Todd Friedman Radical Teacher
New York City poet Todd Friedman, a retired high school teacher, observes the silent censorship that aims to protect pupils from themselves or perhaps from the facts of life.

Review: Angela Davis Revises Herself. She’s Never Mattered More

Andy Lewis Los Angeles Times
Angela Davis sketches out her life since the original publication 50 years ago, then as an activist and academic, self-critically assesses the book’s limitations and, most important, links its long-ago events to the recent Black Lives Matter protest

Save By Books

Erica Wagner The Guardian
A Native American rebuilds her life after a prison sentence in this powerfully topical novel from the Pulitzer winner.