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The Movies Are Back. But What Are Movies Now?

A.O. Scott The New York Times
Cinephiles and streaming fans can both claim victory. But as we better understand the new screen culture taking shape, it looks like we may all lose in the long run.


Tunde Wey Tunde Wey Essay
Small farmers of indigenous foods lose income to capitalist food production, which creates ostensibly cheaper substitutes and stigmatizes indigenous food as unhealthy, inconvenient to produce, environmentally degrading, or inferior in taste.

Lost in Space

Leah Mueller Rattle
Billionaire Bezos may be flying into space, but Arizona poet Leah Mueller can’t help but wonder what happens if he never returns. “Would that be a relief? Would anyone really miss him?”

How Utterly Depraved! The American Government’s Murder of Ethel Rosenberg

Deborah Friedell London Review of Books
Ethel Rosenberg never abetted Soviet intelligence. Nor did Julius enable Russia’s atom bomb development. Yet in the overheated cold war and Korean intervention climate, they were singularly executed. The book under review details the graphic story.

Trauma Walks into a Bar

Melissa Spohr Weiss Tar River Poetry
In this ode to the walking wounded, poet Melissa Spohr Weiss reminds us that trauma has consequences, that “trauma births trauma births trauma.”