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Why Scientists Want to Engineer Spicy Tomatoes

Brigit Katz Smithsonian Magazine
Tomatoes may be a source of capsaicin, a beneficial compound that gives peppers their heat
Tomatoes are closely related to peppers—the two plants diverged 19 million years ago—and so have all the genes necessary to produce capsaicinoids.

Path to Migration

Joseph Zaccardi A Wolf Stands in Water
“When a thought from the past fires the soul,” writes the poet Joseph Zaccardi of a wartime memory, “time is no more.” And yet it clings to the present.

No Waverers Allowed: Looking Back on The Northern Ireland "Troubles."

Clair Wills London Review of Books
The reprinting of a classic book on the Northern Irish "Troubles" of 50 years ago is the occasion for a relook at warring nationalisms, armed violence and ethnic oppression that divided a population, leaving capital and British imperialism unscathed.

Maoism: A Global History

Ben Margulies LSE Review of Books
Julia Lovell’s fascinating new history of the international career of Maoism reveals the resonance of the ‘Great Helmsman’ in a populist age.

Lawsuit claims Post falsely advertises 'real cocoa' in its cereals

Jessi Devenyns FoodDive
False cocoa?
A lawsuit filed last month accuses Post Consumer Brands of misrepresenting the ingredients in its products. The case argues that highlighting the ingredient for its simplicity wrongly implies that it is "nutritionally and organoleptically superior."


John Paul Davis Rattle
New York poet John Paul Davis reflects on the multitude of political candidates, their promises, their lies.