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New York’s Last Socialist Congressperson

Benjamin Serby Jacobin
Before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, there was Vito Marcantonio: East Harlem's socialist congressperson, who fought for justice for Puerto Rico, sweeping civil rights, and a more radical New Deal.

Lawyers for the Left: In the Courts, In the Streets, and on the Air

Bill Ayers Portside
Michael Steven Smith’s smart and compelling Lawyers for the Left, and you’ll find yourself plunged into the contradictions and swirling through the vortex where that question—what is the law? — is on everyone’s mind all the time.

There Is a Scottsboro in Every Country

Amanda Reid Public Books
Two books look to the histories of the Communist International and the Tricontinental movement to evaluate how organizing around color and region can effect global struggles against oppression and grow in tandem with multiracial workers’ movements.

We Can Do Better Than Amazon

Barbara Bowen Clarion
Governor Cuomo loves to enjoin us to think big about spending billions on infrastructure. He and Mayor de Blasio were prepared to commit $3 billion to Amazon. But no investment would repay New York more than a major investment in CUNY.

The Mueller Report: A Detailed Account of Trump’s Lies and Misconduct

David Corn Mother Jones
This is no exoneration. The basics of the Trump-Russia scandal were well established long before Mueller concluded his investigation. The report is a detailed accounting of it is time for Congress to act, to bring charges of impeachment.

Stripping the Value from Food Labels

Samuel Breslow The American Prospect
New regulations allow the food industry to hide important information from consumers, and it could get worse.