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How We Told the Ongoing Story of Title IX

Laura Mogulescu History News Network
Fifty years out, we can look back and say with certainty that the U.S. landscape on gender equity would look very different today without Title IX. And the legislation continues to play an important role in shaping the future.

No More “Normal”

The editors of Rethinking Schools Rethinking Schools
Teachers have underwritten the underfunded public school system with their pocketbooks and after-school hours, stealing both time and money from their families to provide for their students. Normal was awful. It is time to be bold.

This Is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse

Russell Moore Christianity Today
"I only know firsthand the rage of one who wonders while reading what happened on the seventh floor of that Southern Baptist building, how many children were raped ... while we boasted that no one could reach the world for Jesus like we could."

Reflections on the Sri Lankan Economic Crisis

Prabhat Patnaik Global South Colloquy
There are two lessons one can learn from the Sri Lankan experience. The first is that a welfare state is totally incompatible with a neo-liberal regime. The second is that every country is vulnerable to a “contingency crisis” under neo-liberalism.