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Tax the Wealthy 75% and Do It Now

Sam Pizzigati LA Progressive
Congress hiked the nation’s top-bracket tax rate to around 90% for two decades to see the emergence in the United States of the world’s first mass middle class.

Democracy Is on the Line in Peru

Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno Foreign Policy in Focus
Peru’s deepening crisis is a cautionary tale about democracies that fail to deliver for ordinary people.

The Problem of Democracy

Jonathan Freedland The Guardian
In this book, author Hamid writes about what he calls a "democratic dilemma" facing U.S. policymakers, who, he says, "want democracy in theory but do not necessarily want its outcomes in practice.”

A Media Ceiling Is About To Fall In on Democrats

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
Wealthy partisans aligned with the GOP are going for that Hispanic vote in a big, big way. They intend to use the same tools that have turned state after state reliably red since the 1980s: radio & TV

Reclaiming U.S. Industry

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
Biden’s industrial policies represent a stunning ideological reversal. The harder part will be making them work