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For posts before June 2012, please follow these links to our archives.

Introduction to Budget “Reconciliation”

Richard Kogan, David Reich Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
In the Senate, reconciliation bills aren’t subject to filibuster and the scope of amendments is limited, giving this process real advantages for enacting controversial budget and tax measures.

Auf Wiedersehen to Mike Pence, the Franz von Papen of the Trump Administration

Bill Mosley Outside the Box: Beyond the Conventional Wisdom
Pence tried to have it both ways, to inherit the mantle of both old-line conservatism and Trump’s toxic brand of white-nationalist demagoguery.  The chances are he’ll gain neither.  This verdict of his Nuremburg is likely to be political oblivion.

Experts Tell Biden Key Environmental Priorities for the South

Carly Berlin Southerly Magazine
A protester seeks to block the Byhalia Connection Oil Pipeline in southwest Memphis, TN.
Southern community leaders, environmental activists and lawyers, discuss the most urgent environmental issues the Biden Administration should tackle, including environmental justice, industrial pollution, government transparency, and disaster aid.

Opening the Door to a More Democratic UAW

Nelson Lichtenstein Labor Notes
More important, the agreement calls for a vote of all 400,000 members to decide whether they want direct election of top leaders.

'Lord of the Flies,' Revisited

Jim Hightower Common Dreams
In striving to institute a culture of justice, it's self-defeating to assume humankind is innately selfish, as Golding did in "Lord of the Flies." Rather, we should rally the majority, appealing to their natural instincts for an egalitarian society.