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U.S. Elections: The End of Majority Rule

Steven Hill LA Progressive
The US, which has been teetering on the edge of a cliff for some time, is now starting to tip into an abyss of "minority rule medievalism.”

“The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro”

Frederick Douglass The Life and Writings of Frederick Douglass, Volume II
Frederick Douglass
Frederick Douglass gave this speech in Rochester, New York on July 5, 1852. Some now give this speech the title, "What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July?"

Why American Leaders Relish Hot-Dog Diplomacy

Doug Mack Atlas Obscura
When King George visited Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939, the White House lunch included hot dogs. It kickstarted an enduring tactic of American international relations: hot-dog diplomacy. The King asked for seconds, accompanied by beer.

Amazon Is No Friend of Its Workers Who Served As Soldiers

Suzanne Gordon Steve Early Jasper Craven Jacobin
Amazon is posing as a friend to veterans who need jobs when they return home from military service — while mistreating those veterans just as brutally as any other Amazon worker.

When the Fourth of July Was a Black Holiday

Ethan J. Kytle, Blain Roberts The Atlantic
After the Civil War, African Americans in the South transformed Independence Day into a celebration of their newly won freedom.