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How the Ice Cream Truck Made Summer Cool

Colin Dickey New Yorker
Harry Burt became the frst ice cream vendor to move from pushcart to truck, a move that changed how countless Americans eat—and how they experience summer.

The Halted Progress of Criminal-Justice Reform

Jeffrey Toobin The New Yorker
Prosecutors are charging protesters with federal crimes, exposing them to long prison sentences, in another example of the Justice Department’s grotesque overreach under Attorney General William Barr.

It Happened Here

Alisa Solomon Jewish Currents
The Plot Against America—Philip Roth’s 2004 novel, as well as David Simon and Ed Burns’s recent television adaptation—imagines what might have transpired if the fascist tendency in the United States had gained power.

Texas Teachers Union May Strike Over COVID-19 Precautions

Jef Rouner Reform Austin
The president of the Texas branch of the American Federation of Teachers says that going on strike is an option if teachers are forced back into the classroom this fall without proper precautions for COVID-19.

China is Unlikely to Engage in a Nuclear Arms Race with the US

Gregory Kulacki Responsible Statecraft
President Trump in a 2017 bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
China’s leaders believe the only purpose of nuclear weapons is to allay the fear of a nuclear attack. But they are worried. The US has refused to rule out a nuclear first strike, and they’re dealing with a hostile and very impulsive US president.