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Science Museum Workers Vote To Unionize

Union Advocate Union Advocate
Workers at the Science Museum of Minnesota have voted overwhelmingly to join together in a union with the AFSCME Council 5.

If America Had Fair Laws, 60 Million Workers Would Join a Union Tomorrow

Luke Savage Jacobin
According to the latest data, the ranks of unionized workers grew by 200,000 between 2021 and 2022. If the United States’ unionization rules in place weren’t so biased toward bosses, tens of millions more workers indicate they would have joined a union, too.

Why We Can’t Turn Off the NFL

Dylan Scott Vox
America’s unbreakable fixation with football will only lead to more injuries like Damar Hamlin’s. A uniquely American concoction of capitalism and culture has allowed football to continue to thrive, even as the dangers it presents to players, both professional and amateur, have become clearer. Football remains the biggest hit on TV.