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Workers of the World Unite (At Last)

Ronaldo Munck Great Transition Initiative
Emerging transnational unionism, if it perseveres, contains the seeds of a new global movement, a new international that extends beyond labor to embrace all forces working toward a Great Transition.

Koji is Transforming How American Chefs Think About Food and Flavor

Kate Leahy Plate on Line
Spaghetti and Clams
Koji is a fungus believed to have been domesticated in Asia. As the spores grow, they release enzymes that break down proteins and starches into sugars. This reaction is also why koji mold is used to turn soybeans into miso, and rice into saki.

California Teachers on the March: An Interview with Joel Jordan

Johanna Brenner Solidarity
Joel Jordan is a retired teacher activist who spent many years organizing with the Los Angeles teachers’ union (UTLA) before relocating to Oakland where he helps coordinate the California Alliance for Community Schools.

You Paid Taxes. These Corporations Didn’t.

Kathryn Kranhold The Center for Public Integrity
About twice as many of the largest U.S. companies reported they didn’t owe taxes in 2018 compared with previous years, a partial result of the 2017 Trump tax law, according to a report.

DIY Gravitational Waves with 'BlackHoles@Home'

American Physical Society
The public will be invited to lend their own computers to help the scientific community unlock the secrets contained in gravitational waves observed when black holes smash together.