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Texas Could Have Kept the Lights On

Richard Parker The New York Times
Republicans are blaming renewable energy, when it’s the state’s powerful utilities that failed to prepare for the worst.

Biko: And the Eyes of the World Are Watching Now

Abby Zimet, Further columnist Common Dreams
The new Biko premiered in December as part of Peace Through Music: A Global Event for Social Justice, a virtual fundraising event in partnership with the United Nations Population Fund featuring over 200 performers.

Stunning that Amazon’s Groundbreaking Union Vote is in Alabama

David Sher
With the formidable pressure on Amazon, the new Democratic control in Washington, D.C. , and the unique circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the progressive current of Alabama's labor history may bode well for the union election at the tech giant.

NAACP Sues Trump and Giuliani After Jan. 6 Riots

Maya King Politico
The lawsuit claims that the former president and his personal lawyer violated the Ku Klux Klan Act by conspiring with white supremacist groups to incite the insurrection.