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What Spain Tells Us About Fighting Fascism

Charles Idelson Medium
In the wake of neo-fascist coup attempts — and the ongoing threat they pose in the U.S. and Brazil — it’s worth revisiting historical analogies on how to challenge the fascist plague before it metastasizes, endangering people the world over.

New Zealand’s New Sectoral Bargaining

David Madland OnLabor
New Zealand’s experiences highlight that sectoral bargaining — in conjunction with worksite bargaining — is necessary to improve working conditions in today’s economy and thus should be part of policy efforts to strengthen unions.

Socio-Political Formations Behind Israel’s Government

Ilan Pappe Palestine Chronicle
And will Jewish communities be shocked enough to wake up from the “fantasy Israel” dream and realize the danger of present-day Israel, not only to Palestinians but to Jews and Judaism as well?

Will SCOTUS Revoke the Right To Strike?

Miles Mogulescu American Prospect
A case argued this week could give worker-phobic Republican justices a chance to force workers to stay on the job.