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How a Green New Deal Could Exploit Developing Countries

Olúfẹ́mi O. Táíwò The Conversation
an engineer working at Soroti Power plant in the Soroti District of eastern Uganda
I am concerned that the Green New Deal could exacerbate what scholars like sociologist Doreen Martinez call climate colonialism – the domination of less powerful countries and peoples through initiatives meant to slow the pace of global warming.

US Takes Illegal, Dangerous Actions Toward Regime Change in Venezuela

Marjorie Cohn Truthout
The United States is taking illegal and dangerous actions to execute regime change in Venezuela. In January, Juan Guaidó declared himself “interim president,” in a strategy orchestrated by the United States to seize power from President Maduro.

The 2020 Democrats of the 'Anti-Green New Deal Coalition'

Kendra Chamberlain DeSmogBlog
demonstrators in support of Green New Deal
...according to a recent report..., centrist Democrats and party leadership are part of ... an “anti-Green New Deal coalition” that could seriously impede the GND’s goal to transition the country to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

A Real Green New Deal Means Class Struggle

Keith Brower Brown, Jeremy Gong, Matt Huber and Jamie Munro Jacobin
If we want a Green New Deal that can take on climate change, we need to challenge powerful business interests.

A Marxist guide to crime drama

Sofie Mason Counterfire
At its best, crime drama does not simply try to terrify us with pure unblinking evil but gives us studies of dysfunctional human beings mangled by capitalism, argues Sofie Mason

Where in The U.S. Are You Most Likely to Be Audited by the IRS?

Paul Kiel and Hannah Fresques ProPublica
Humphreys County, Mississippi -- an odd place for the IRS to hunt tax cheats. A rural county in the Mississippi Delta known for catfish farms, more than a third of its mostly African American residents are below the poverty line