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University of Illinois Chicago Faculty Agrees to Tentative Contract

April 16, 2014,0,145687.story
Chicago Tribune
Union officials said that while the contract will expire in about a year and a half, they are well positioned to negotiate future agreements. “We have one year to regroup, and we will continue on with some of the things we didn’t get this time,” said. UIC English Professor Lennard Davis, “We have shown the university what we can do when we organize."

A Practical Solution to an Urgent Need

April 15, 2014
Monthly Review
Gregg Shotwell is a retired UAW member who frequently contributes poems to the Blue Collar Review, and is the author of Autoworkers Under the Gun (Haymarket Press, 2012).

Lonely, Ignored Voice Predicted Boeing Job Drain

April 15, 2014
The Seattle Times
Despite being given the largest state tax break in U.S. history, Boeing is shipping jobs out of the state. One guy that nobody listened to predicted it.

Climate Change and False gods: Moloch and the Bible-Punchers in the US

April 15, 2014
The UN's IPCC report on climate change calls for immediate action to deal with a crisis which supersedes and includes all other questions. Meredith Tax says that international pressure on the US government to deal with the crisis is essential, for soon it will be too late.

The Era of Financialization, An Interview with Costas Lapavitsas: Parts 1 and 2

April 15, 2014
Dollars and Sense
These are the first two parts of a four-part interview with Costas Lapavitsas focusing on the Era of Financialization and the transformations at the “molecular” level of capitalism that are driving changes in economic performance and policy in both high-income and developing countries. Lapavitsas is a professor of economics at SOAS, University of London, and the author of Financialised Capitalism: Expansion and Crisis (Maia Ediciones, 2009)

Contracting Out Public Services Worsens Inequality and Lowers Wage

April 14, 2014
The New Crossroads
Municipalities contact out an estimated 35 percent of services. The federal government has doubled the amount it spends on contracts since 2000, with most of the spending on services. Yet it is clear that contracting out public services has major negative consequences.

Graduate Students of the World, Unite !

April 14, 2014
Aljazeera America
University of California unionized grad-student instructors lead higher-ed fight for fair treatment.

US Press once again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism

April 14, 2014
Informed Comment
Heck, the LA Times said authorities are cautioning that it is too soon even to call the shootings a “hate crime.” Since the shooter is said to have shouted “Heil Hitler,” I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was a hate crime. And I’m also pretty sure it was a form of terrorism.

Education is Not the Answer

April 14, 2014
Jacobin Magazine
Everyone deserves a great public education, but better schools alone can’t fight inequality.

Four Era's of Slavery for the Benefit of Corporations

April 14, 2014
Nation of Change
Slavery, in it's various forms of physical and mental torment, has been a part of U.S. history from the beginnings of our country to the present day, with modern day corporations profiting immensely.