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A Regional Reign of Terror

Eric Foner The New York Review
Most Americans now grasp that violence was essential to the functioning of slavery, but a new book excavates the lesser known brutality of everyday Black life in the Jim Crow South.

TV Review: Prime Video’s ‘Swarm’ Black Female Rage As Catharsis

Jeanine T. Abraham Medium
Everyone and their brother feels free to come at Black women with all guns blazing, spewing venom on social media as much as possible, and we are supposed just to sit and “swing low sweet chariot, we shall overcome, praise Black Jesus, take the high road,” in response. Rarely do we get to see Black women articulate rage.

Ten Years of Citizens’ Assemblies in Slovenia

Alexandria Shaner and Iniciativa Mestni Zbor Socialist Project
Citizen assemblies are valued and promoted by a wide spectrum of advocates for increasing grassroots participation, democratization, diversity, solidarity, inclusion, sustainability, public health, community resources, transparency, and many other benefits to society.

The Illegal Invasion of Iraq: Never Forget

Lisa LingClare Bayard Common Dreams
None of us can afford to remain silent or apathetic about the devastation we continue to cause to innocent civilians. The money being spent on war must be redirected to those most impacted by U.S. aggression.

It’s a New Day in the United Auto Workers

Luis Feliz Leon, Jane Slaughter Labor Notes
The UAW has 400,000 members and a strike fund of a billion dollars. The new leaders campaigned on a militant approach to organizing, internal democracy, and solidarity against tiers, similar to the leadership shakeup in the Teamsters in 2021. The Members United slogan was “No Corruption, No Concessions, No Tiers.”

Tribulations of the US Democratic Left

Paul Garver Chartist
The clowning of Republicans in Congress has a serious side while Democrats seem intent on attacking the left. Uniting around the resurgent workers’ movement could heal divisions.