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Arizona Teachers Stage Strike!

Jonah Furman Labor Notes
Two weeks before the vote, organizers had recorded 110,000 people participating in walk-ins in 1,100 schools. A petition supporting AEU’s five demands garnered another 35,000 signatures. In the end, 57,000 teachers and support staff cast votes on the walkout, with 78 percent in favor.

Arizona Prepares to Strike

Eric Blanc Jacobin
Educators in Arizona are walking out today to demand better pay and full school funding. It will likely be the largest and most dramatic education strike yet. Moderators Note: By all reports about 75,000 Arizona teachers went on strike Friday.


The Larger Concerns Behind the Teachers' Strikes

Alia Wong The Atlantic
For educators in Oklahoma and other states, the strike demands go far beyond better pay. The strike gets at the heart of some of the biggest issues facing America’s children: access to  effective teachers, high-quality learning materials, and modern facilities. 

The West Weighs In; Arizona Voting Suppression Scandal

Robert Borosage; Ari Berman
Tuesday voters flooded to the polls and caucuses in Arizona, Idaho and Utah. Hillary Clinton won Arizona, but Sanders gained in the delegate count by swamping her in the Idaho and Utah caucuses, generating turnouts that overwhelmed caucus sites. Arizona lines were so long because election officials in Phoenix's Maricopa County, the largest in the state, reduced the number of polling places by 70 percent from 2012 to 2016, to just one polling place per every 21,000 voters
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