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A.I. Belongs to the Capitalists Now

Kevin Roose New York Times
The fight over OpenAI was at least partly about dueling visions of artificial intelligence. One side clearly won out.


Farmers Are Tentatively Embracing AI

Hannah Macready Ambrook Research
A growing number of farmers are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs), like ChatGPT, to tackle daily tasks. One farmer said “I’ve been blown away by the information it can kick out in a host of different areas."

Friday Nite Videos | November 3, 2023

Major Update in Trial To Disqualify Trump. Deep Fakes Are About To Change Everything. Gaza: Congress Must Act | Bernie Sanders. Hasan Minhaj: My Response to the New Yorker Article. State Dept Official Explains His Resignation Over Gaza.
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