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Two Oppenheimers, Two Views of Who Should Control the Bomb

KC Cole Knowable Magazine
A rift in thinking about who should control powerful new technologies sent Robert Oppenheimer and his brother Frank on diverging paths. For one, the story ended with a mission to bring science to the public.

Friday Nite Videos | August 4, 2023

One Company Controls America’s Entire Health Care System. Bob Dylan | A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall. Reservation Dogs | Season 3. Oppenheimer’s Secret City, Explained. How Humans Change Their Own DNA.

Nuclear Weapons and Nationalism: An Incendiary Mix

Andrew Lichterman Andrew Lichterman
The first UN General Assembly's first resolution set up a commission to bring back proposals to eliminate atomic weapons and all other weapons of mass destruction and to control atomic energy. That was seventy-seven years ago.
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