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The South, Where Automakers Go for a Discount

Luis Feliz Leon Labor Notes
In America’s Other Automakers: A History of the Foreign-owned Automotive Sector in the United States, Timothy J. Minchin investigates why the companies located where they did and what the decisions meant for workers and their communities.


Industrial Policy Isn’t a Panacea for Rebuilding Organized Labor

David Karas Jacobin
Faced with China’s rise, Western states are turning from free trade dogmas to active industrial policies. This turn may offer opportunities for labor — but as the electric auto industry shows, it is also producing a harmful logic of national rivalri

Ambition, Yall – Everyone Please Get on UAW’s Level

Hamilton Nolan How Things Work
Modest goals won’t get us where we need to go. We need to think big. The labor movement needs, before anything, genuine ambition for a new America...We need labor leaders who see their jobs as climbing mountains no matter how high they are.


The Making of Corporate Empire

Jane Slaughter November 1, 2018 Against the Current
Focusing on Ford Motor Co.’s rise, the author posits a connect between racial practices in the United States, Brazil, and South Africa and Ford’s divisive labor processes, seeing racism as an essential element in the creation of global capitalism.


Will Trump's Plan to Roll Back Fuel Economy Regulations Help American Autoworkers?

Frank Hammer, Andrew Linhardt, Kim Brown The Real News Network
Well, I think that the auto companies typically complain every time they're required to make either their cars safer, or in this case safer for the environment, by having better fuel efficiencies, and they will complain bitterly how expensive if it is. But we have to realize that General Motors, has been making billions of dollars a year, and that's with the introduction of the electric car, with higher efficiencies mandated by the Obama administration.
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