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Widening the Tent for a Multiracial Labor Movement

Barbara Ransby Chicago Reporter
Since the early 1900s and before, Black workers have not viewed labor unions and labor organizing as separate from the rest of their lives and have fought for union politics that reflect that understanding.


UAW, Goddamn!

Joe Allen Indypendent
A labor activist reflects on the United Autoworkers’ (UAW’s) crushing defeat at a Mississipi Nissan plant last week.


How Higher Wages for U.S. Autoworkers Could Help You Get a Raise, Too

Jordan Yadoo BloombergBusiness
While new labor contracts cover only 140,000 unionized employees at the Big Three carmakers, they could lift pay standards for the nearly 1 million people who work in the U.S. auto industry and may also spur wage gains through the broader labor market. The deals come after a decade without raises for senior workers and lower wages and benefits for new hires--which almost completely eliminated the wage premium autoworkers once enjoyed over the average American worker.


Can Auto Shed Its Tiers?

Alexandra Bradbury Labor Notes
Eight years after accepting a drastic two-tier system of wages and benefits—and nearly a decade since the first tier got a raise—the United Auto Workers are bargaining with the Big 3 automakers.

Tidbits - February 26, 2015 - Netanyahu; Greece; George Washington, Slavery, Populist Challenger, Lynching, Teachers, Militarized Future, Water Privatization, and more...

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Tidbits - October 2, 2014

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Did Indiana Autoworkers Strike a Blow Against Two-Tier Contracts?

David Moberg In These Times
Roughly 20 to 25 percent of all union contracts have recently contained some kind of two-tier payment. Such arrangements, often made in response to threats of plant closures or job losses, can turn into strategies for long-term suppression of wages. They can also generate conflict and resentment among workers making vastly different amount of money and undermine solidarity.

Tidbits - April 24, 2014

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UAW Membership Rises for Fourth Consecutive Year

Brent Snavely Detroit Free Press
The United Auto Workers announced their fourth straight year of increasing membership. The union added that the two-percent membership increase for 2013 does not include several thousand workers who have voted in favor of union representation, but do not yet have contracts with their employers.
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