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Weaponizing Water in South Asia: World Needs a Water Treaty

Conn Hallinan Foreign Policy in Focus
The world has enough water for 7 billion people, but not if countries waste, hoard, or weaponize it. Ongoing tensions over Kashmir have transformed water into a national security issue for both India and Pakistan.


“They Have Forgotten the Lessons of Rana Plaza”

Tula Connell Solidarity Center/AFL-CIO
Five years ago, he multistory Rana Plaza building, which housed garment factories outside Dhaka in Bangladesh, pancaked from structural defects that had been identified the day before. 1,134 garment workers were killed and thousands more injured in Bangladesh.


Global Sweatshops, Solidarity and the Bangladesh Breakthrough

Eric Dirnbach Public Seminar
After decades of campaigns, the global movement against sweatshops had a few modest (but important) victories. However, a recent breakthrough in Bangladesh in encouraging, and may show the way for making more dramatic changes in the garment industry.

Rana Plaza Campaign Victory

Judy Gearhart Interntaional Labor Rights Forum
Two-years of campaigning, with over one million people participating, has succeeded in securing $30 million in compensation for the garment worker victims of the Rana Plaza building collapse.

Bangladesh: Business as Usual as Garment Brands Stall Progress

International and European trade union bodies are calling on the European Union to bolster action on workers’ rights and safety in Bangladesh’s garment industry. The Bangladesh government has failed to implement vital labour law reforms, and a compensation fund for victims of the Rana Plaza disaster still remains US$ 9 million short of the target.
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