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Cultured Beef: An Alternative to Meat Production

On August 5, 2013, the world's first cultured beef burger was cooked and tasted in London as proof of concept that this revolution in food science is possible. Cultured Beef represents the crucial first step in finding a sustainable alternative to meat production.

Farmed Fish Production Overtakes Beef

Janet Larsen and J. Matthew Roney Earth Policy Institute
The world quietly reached a milestone in the evolution of the human diet in 2011. For the first time in modern history, world farmed fish production topped beef production. The gap widened in 2012, with output from fish farming—also called aquaculture—reaching a record 66 million tons, compared with production of beef at 63 million tons. And 2013 may well be the first year that people eat more fish raised on farms than caught in the wild.
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