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An Interview With Nina Turner

Nina Turner Jacobin
Our Revolution has three goals that form a triangle: 1) Run progressive candidates, 2) Organize around social justice issues, 3) Transform the Democratic Party. The groups that make up OR are at the center of that triangle.

Friday Nite Videos | June 8, 2018

Facebook: "Let's You and Him Fight". Downtown Train | Rod Stewart. Trump’s Self-Pardon Claim: Pardons Are for Criminals. Bernie Sanders to Disneyland: 'We've Got Families Struggling'. Donald Trump Struggles With Lyrics to God Bless America.

2018 Elections - How to Win; What are the Lessons of Lamb's Victory

By Kate Aronoff; Robert Borosage
Conor Lamb ran as an anti-establishment, labor-backed candidate who defended the welfare state. To keep winning, Democrats will need to embrace a bold, redistributive program. If anything, the problem is that the progressive efforts are too weak, not too strong.

Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’

Daniel Marans Huffington Post
Online Town Hall Draws Over 1 Million Live Viewers. The Vermont senator delighted in circumventing the television networks.
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