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Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare For All’

Daniel Marans Huffington Post
Online Town Hall Draws Over 1 Million Live Viewers. The Vermont senator delighted in circumventing the television networks.

Racism May Have Gotten Us Into This Mess, But Identity Politics Can’t Get Us Out

Briahna Joy Gray New York Magazine
It’s often argued that centering economics means abandoning racial or other identity groups that have fought hard for well-deserved political leverage. But political messaging is not a zero-sum game. The question is not “identity politics or economic justice,” but how to adopt a complementary union of the two.

Problems of the Super-Rich

Lawrence Wittner Huffington Post
Based on recent economic developments, the super-rich don’t have much to complain about. Yet, the super-rich face the problem of how long people are going to tolerate a situation in which just eight men possess the same wealth as half the world’s population.

What Killed the Democratic Party?

William Greider The Nation
A new report offers a bracing autopsy of the 2016 election—and lays out a plan for revitalization.

President Sanders, Anyone?

Roger C. Altman The Washington Post
Don’t be surprised if a distinctly left-wing candidate takes the White House in 2020.
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