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Digging in on Issues at the Local Level Works!

Judy Atkins and David Cohen Organizing Upgrade
We decided that we would stick with the Bernie program and continue to organize on the issues. FCCPR would be on the offensive on the issues and also take defensive actions against the Trump presidency and the Republicans.


No Left without the Labor Left

Jonah Furman Organizing Upgrade
Sanders supporters couldn't win without the unions. To get a stronger left candidate in the future, or build a real mass base if Biden (or Trump) wins, we need the unions. But they are stuck in their old ways. We need a new strategy.

Friday Nite Videos | August 21, 2020

Comedian Sarah Cooper Riffs on Trump at DNC. First Time Reaction | The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter. Coup 53: The CIA, MI6 and the Plot Against Iran. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Full Speech at the DNC. Joe Biden: Acceptable Under the Circumstances.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Full Speech at the DNC

AOC calls for a mass people's movement working to establish 21st century social, economic and human rights including guaranteed health care, higher education, living wages and labor rights

Bernie Sanders: The Case to Defund the Pentagon

Bernie Sanders Politico
It is time to rethink what we value as a society and to fundamentally transform our national priorities. Cutting the military budget by 10 percent and investing that money in human needs is a modest way to begin that process.
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