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Hydrocarbons and the Illusion of Sustainability

Kent A. Klitgaard Monthly Review
A system based on the fair distribution of use values, decent work, and production and consumption levels that remain within nature’s biophysical limits cannot occur without the abandonment of a social order based on profit and accumulation.

Why There Could Be More Blasts Like 2015 ExxonMobil Torrance Oil Refinery Explosion, Putting Millions At Risk

Larry Buhl DESMOG
On the morning of February 18, 2015, the ExxonMobil oil refinery in Torrance, California exploded, causing chemical ash to rain on the surrounding community for hours. Eight workers had to be decontaminated and four were sent to hospitals with minor injuries. With new evidence that the explosion could have been much worse, and that other aging refineries around the country are also at risk, scientists, industry watchdogs and a few lawmakers are sounding an alarm.

Big Oil Braced for Global Warming While It Fought Regulations

Amy Lieberman and Susanne Rust Los Angeles Times
“What is most unfortunate is that polarization around climate change ... was manufactured by those whose financial and political interests were most threatened.” Even today, that polarization has crippled any hopes for bipartisan policy solutions.

‘Somebody Intervened in Washington’

lec MacGillis Pro Publica
How ConocoPhillips overcame years of resistance from courts, native Alaskans, environmental groups and several federal agencies is the story of how Washington really works.

Why It's so Hard to Regulate Fracking

Justin Miller The American Prospect
The initial scope of the EPA fracking study was ambitious, though certainly not unachievable. The inherent problem, however, with technical studies of complex industry practices is that the EPA relies heavily on the willingness of the industry to give the agency access.

Notorious Repeat Offender Behind California Oil Spill ‘Nightmare’

Nadia Prupis Common Dreams
As the investigation continues into the oil spill along the California coast, new details emerged about the pipeline operator's long history of wreaking environmental damage. Plains All American operates the pipeline that burst near Refugio State Beach on the Gaviota Coast and dumped more than 105,000 gallons of crude oil into the ocean. Plains All American has been responsible for 175 spill incidents nationwide since 2006, including 11 in California.

Richmond Line-Up Reshuffled for Fall Contest With Chevron

Steve Early CounterPunch
A new left-liberal coalition has formed in Richmond, California, Former mayoral candidate Mike Parker called on voters and supporters to join forces. The task is need to challenge Chevron-backed candidates and those unwilling to stand up against Chevron when representing the community.

The 95% Doctrine - Climate Change as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Tom Engelhardt TomDispatch
When we speak of WMD, we usually think of weapons -- nuclear, biological, or chemical -- that are delivered in a measurable moment in time. Consider climate change, then, a WMD on a particularly long fuse, already lit and there for any of us to see. From oil wells to fracking structures, deep sea drilling rigs to platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, the machinery that produces this kind of WMD and ensures that it is continuously delivered is in plain sight.

Why US Fracking Companies Are Licking Their Lips Over Ukraine

Naomi Klein The Guardian
The industry's use of the crisis in Ukraine to expand its global market under the banner of "energy security" must be seen in the context of this uninterrupted record of crisis opportunism. Only this time many more of us know where true energy security lies. Responding to the threat of catastrophic warming is our most pressing energy imperative. And we simply can't afford to be distracted by the natural gas industry's latest crisis-fuelled marketing ploy.
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