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Honeybees Can Do Maths

Tanya Loos Cosmos
Research shows the insects understand both subtraction and addition.

Meet the Trillions of Viruses That Make up Your Virome

David Pride and Chandrabali Ghose The Conversation
The race is on to find those viruses in our viromes that have already figured out how to protect us from the bad guys, while leaving the good bacteria intact.

A Crispr Conundrum: How Cells Fend Off Gene Editing

Carl Zimmer New York Times
Crispr has stirred strong feelings ever since it came to light as a gene-editing technology five years ago. Already, it’s a mainstay in the scientific tool kit. But recent studies remind everyone that genome editing isn’t magic.

Why Did Two Sexes Evolve?

The origin of the sexes is a very interesting question in theoretical biology. This video covers a famous hypothesis for the evolution of the sexes: The Hurst-Hamilton Hypothesis.

Why Is the Naked Mole Rat So Weird?

Naked mole rats feel no pain. They’re exceptionally long-lived. They frequently enter reversible comas, and a single queen mole rat rules over her colony with totalitarian authority. They can also survive without oxygen for extended periods of time.

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