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Black Feminism Will Save Us All

Premilla Nadasen In These Times
Why we desperately need real intersectional feminism. Nadasen asks us to reject a narrow, superficial understanding of race or gender, she suggests that intersectionality at its core is a politics of liberation that we can—that we must—all embrace.

Assata Shakur on Women in Prison at Riker's Island in the 70s

Assata Shakur History Is A Weapon / The Black Scholar
Assata Shakur writes about her incarceration at Riker's Island in the 1970s. Shakur was a member of the Black Panther Party who went underground to evade police repression, joining the Black Liberation Army. She was captured in 1973 and held as a political prisoner until 1979 (one year after this article was written), when she escaped and made her was to Cuba where she lives to this day, despite increasing pressure from the United States for her extradition.
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