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Global Left Midweek - September 9, 2020

Three from Vijay Prashad, international labor challenges G20, mutual aid in Puerto Rico, and more news and analysis from the international left


Walking the Tightrope: Latin America’s Pink Tide

Frederick B. Mills New Politics
The lessons of the Pink Tide of leftist and leftish governments in Latin America that marked much of the period following 1998 but were undone by rightist movements, US meddling, world economic crisis and internal weaknesses are aptly told....

Global Left Midweek - July 29, 2020

EU confronted on climate justice! Two takes on the Nicaraguan government! Bolivia! Bulgaria! The power of protest music... and more

Bolivia’s Coup Regime: Racist, Corrupt, Violent, and Divided and Inept

Forrest Hylton London Review of Books
Senator Jeanine Añez proclaims herself President of Bolivia. Discredited, divided, and with an election looming, Bolivian President Jeanine Añez’ coup government is peddling conspiracy theories about enemies in the media, government and civil society, all designed to widen the net of adversaries to persecute.
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