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Everyone Should Be Calling for a Cease-Fire in Palestine

Branko Marcetic Jacobin
Israel is bombarding Gaza, slaughtering civilians en masse and vowing to turn it into a “city of tents” following this weekend’s horrific violence. An immediate cease-fire to end the cycle of bloodshed couldn’t be more urgent.

The Civilian Deaths You Haven’t Heard About

Nick Turse tomdispatch
For the last two decades, the United States has been conducting an undeclared war across much of the globe. It has taken pains to normalize the use of drone warfare outside established war zones.

The Continuing Korean War in the Murderous History of Bombing

Tim Beal Monthly Review
These themes resonate today: need to limit casualties among “our” troops, who are not necessarily white, though the people who control them usually are; the pretense that “precision bombing” differentiates between “lawbreakers” and “innocents."



Erica Goss New Verse News
California poet Erica Goss raises the question, knowing the reader will have an answer: Is one child's life worth more than another's?
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