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Where’s the Barbed Wire?

John Lahr London Review of Books
Hartigan’s book is the first full-length examination of Wilson’s life and art since his death in 2005 from liver cancer. There is both a need and demand for the story of how he and his work came to be.

Chandler Davis: Dissent and Solidarity

David Palumbo-Liu Against the Current
Davis viewed his confrontation with HUAC and the University of Michigan as an opportunity. He willingly risked both his freedom and his career to expose and perhaps even put an end to the establishment’s willingness to quash left political dissent.

Antitax Nation

David Cay Johnston The American Prospect
Michael Graetz’s new book explains how clever marketing duped America into shoveling more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations.


Eric Foner London Review of Books
King, Eig warns us, has been ‘defanged’. On Martin Luther King Jr Day, we don’t hear the voice of the radical King, the ally of the labour movement and critic of economic inequality and war.

How Black Women Writers Got It Done

Marina Magloire The Nation
Claudia Tate’s 1983 collection of interviews is an important look into the trials writers like Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou faced on their way to mainstream acceptance

The Nuclear Site That Can’t Be Cleaned Up

Ron Jacobs The Progressive
‘Atomic Days: The Untold Story of the Most Toxic Place in America’ exposes the story of a Washington state complex that poses dangers that—like the nuclear industry itself—cannot be contained.
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