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Kagarlitsky: My Most Recent Stay in Prison

Boris Kagarlitsky Russian Dissent
I was arrested for a video I published on YouTube, including a joke about the Crimean bridge. It was probably a poor joke, but hardly sufficient grounds for arrest. Unfortunately, Leviathan has no sense of humor. I spent four months in a prison cell.

Idiots, No Longer Useful

Boris Kagarlitsky Russian Dissent
Arrests of 'Angry Patriots' like war blogger Igor Strelkov in Russia have begun. No matter how wrong the Angry Patriots may be, they are punished not for their sins, not even for their principles, but for the fact that they have principles at all.

Boris Kagarlitsky: My Peace Plan

Boris Kagarlitsky Russian Dissent
The left must offer a program of an honest peace without territorial conquest or any further aggressive policy, with remuneration for all destruction at the expense of those who unleashed this massacre.
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