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Tidbits - March 6, 2014

Reader Comments - International Women's Day; Cecily McMillan; Ukraine; Venezuela; Are Unions Necessary?; Gov. Christie and Bridgegate; What the Hell Is Barack Obama's Presidency For?; War in Iraq; Announcements - Dignity in Action -San Francisco -Mar 8; Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Commemoration -New York - Mar 25; New book - Save Our Unions: Dispatches from A Movement in Distress; Today in History - Supreme Court rules in Dred Scott - March 6, 1857

Christie Watch: Inside the Port Authority

Bob and Barbara Dreyfuss The Nation
Since 2010, Christie has installed dozens of cronies and favored operatives at the Port Authority. Christie has used the PA to build his political machine, using its power to curry favor with a wide range of Democratic mayors, county officials and party bosses.

Chris Christie's Not in the Clear Yet. These Text Messages Show Why.

Andy Kroll and David Corn Mother Jones
Text messages turned over to investigators raise the possibility that months before the disclosure this week of Christie aide's bombshell email—"Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee"—other senior Christie aides knew the traffic study excuse wasn't true
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