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Network | Movie / Theater

A classic Paddy Chayevsky film starring Faye Dunaway and William Holden about a the role of the media in the corrupt system by which the very rich screw the middle class and poor. Now in a theater version with Bryan Cranston.


“Network” A Stunning Commentary on the Corrupt American System

Lucy Komisar The Komisar Scoop
The politics of the theatrical adaptation of “Network” have not changed since the Chayefsky film was screened in 1976. The story is still based on the reality that a corrupt upper class screws the middle class and poor.


Film Review: Praising "Trumbo"

Bill Meyer Hollywood Progressive
Director Jay Roach, known for lighter fare like the Austin Powers series and Meet The Fockers, has taken on a heady subject, no less than the most famous communist in Hollywood history – Dalton Trumbo.
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