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The Death Penalty and California: 2017 in Review

David Crawford Death Penalty Focus
It’s easy to forget that California is a state with the death penalty on its books, and it’s not hard to see why. The state has not executed anyone in 12 years as January 2018. Nevertheless, California has sentenced nearly 1,000 people to death since the current system was adopted in 1978. There have been 13 executions in that time, and we currently house more people under sentences of death than any other jurisdiction in the Western Hemisphere.

Tidbits - December 7, 2017 - Reader Comments: Jerusalem Catastrophe - Jewish Opposition; GOP Tax Plan-Tread Softly Congress; Portside's Annual Fund Appeal; Vietnam War; ;Poor People's Campaign; Socialist Upsurge; and more....

Reader Comments: Jerusalem Catastrophe - Jewish Voice for Peace; IfNotNow; New Israel Fund; GOP Tax Plan Biggest Increase in American History; Portside's Annual Fund Appeal; Flynn's Guilty Plea...and Trump; Honduras; California Built on Genocide; Resources - 50 years since 1968 and Vietnam War; Announcements - Poor People's Campaign; The Socialist Upsurge in the US

The Hidden History of How California Was Built on Genocide

Mark Karlin Truthout
History professor Benjamin Madley has written the first comprehensive investigation of the catastrophe that befell California's Indigenous population from 1846 to 1873: a catastrophe that was entirely man-made. An American Genocide catalogs the killing of tens of thousands of Native people during those years, and proves just how complicit the Californian and United States government were in the slaughter. Order this important book by donating to Truthout today!

Laying the Groundwork for a Groundswell of Turnout

Sabrina Smith California Calls
Our challenge and opportunity is to harness the energy and passion that has been sparked by the federal assault into increased turnout of the people most impacted by these policies – low income voters, communities of color, immigrants and young people – to assert a vision of justice, equality and inclusion.

California’s Homecare Crisis: Raising Wages is Key to the Solution

arah Thomason and Annette Bernhardt UC Berkeley Labor Center
Unless California’s homecare crisis is addressed and workers’ wages are increased, the elderly and people with disabilities will not get the care they require, homecare workers will continue to live in poverty, and the public cost of long-term care will increase.

California to Become an (Almost) Sanctuary State

Duane Campbell Democratic Left
Immigrant communities throughout California led the fight for legislation that does away with deportation practices, such as local police arrests for "civil immigrant warrants", and helps ensure that spaces like schools, health facilities, courthouses and other spaces are safe and accessible to all.

California Game Changers: Can We Ban Fracking?

Judith Lewis Mernit Capital and Main
If you were to parachute into Kern County about 40 miles west of Bakersfield, you might doubt California’s status as a national leader on climate.

The Big Lie About California’s Housing Crisis

Deepa Varma, San Francisco Tenants Union San Francisco Examiner
As California stands at the height of the worst housing crisis the state has ever seen, hundreds of tenants across multiple cities are taking matters into their own hands by confronting corporate landlords to demand a freeze on rent increases. The tenants and organizations leading this are part of a new, broad-based coalition, Housing Now!, to fight for the repeal of the statewide restrictions on rent control - established by the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act.
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