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Child Labor Is Making a Big Comeback in the US

Steve Fraser Jacobin
Child labor was common in urban, industrial America for most of the country’s history. It’s now making a disturbing comeback: lawmakers across the US are undertaking concerted efforts to weaken or repeal statutes that prohibit employing children.


A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse

Benjamin Tetler Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
Reviewer Tetler assesses Harvey's commentary on Marx's famous and influential early work.

Executive Trading in Health Care Stocks

Ellis Simani and Robert Faturechi ProPublica
Secret IRS records reveal dozens of highly fortuitous biotech and health care trades. One executive bought shares in a corporate partner just before a sale, and an investor traded options right before a company’s revenues took off, netting millions.

Kurt Vonnegut Warned Us About the Dangers of Automation

David H. Price The Progressive
The greatest immediate risk presented to humanity by AI is not robotic control of military weapons, but its application within the logic of capitalism—an alignment that will further relegate human needs as secondary to market forces.

Resisting Cannibal Capitalism

Nancy Fraser Red Pepper
If we are serious about saving democracy, care and the planet we need to address the root of the crisis, which is capital’s insatiable need to devour them.

Capitalism’s Fascist Temptation

Dave Anderson Boulder Weekly
MAGA mega-donor Peter Thiel, the leading Silicon Valley libertarian who promoted cryptocurrency and floating tax refuges beyond the reach of government, wrote in 2009 that democracy is no longer compatible with freedom
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