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Getting Out the Vote From the County Jail

Margaret Barthel The Atlantic
In many states, people held without a felony conviction are eligible to vote—but confusion, fear, and a long list of logistical complications often stand in their way.

A Progressive Platform To Take Back Chicago in 2019

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Rossana Rodriguez In These Times
With Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel out, progressive candidates should embrace a bold redistributive platform that meets the demands of the city’s social movements.

The 1968 Democratic Convention Protests - 50 Years Ago

Joel Bleifuss, Marilyn Katz, Todd Gitlin, Don Rose, Rick Perlstein In These Times
50 years after the infamous demonstrations, participants and historians reflect. What lessons does the battle of Chicago have for us today? We asked three veterans of 1968 and one historian of the period to revisit this 50-year-old debate.

Trump Supports Another Racist March

Kelly Hayes Truthout
While the country may be accustomed to Trump firing off falsehoods with abandon, some may be surprised to hear that the Chicago police, whose high-profile brutality has launched countless protests, have themselves become protesters. What was going on in Chicago? What was President Trump endorsing?
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