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Marian Wright Edelman Marks 40 Years of Advocacy at Children’s Defense Fund

Krissah Thompson The Washingon Post
Forty years after founding the Children’s Defense Fund, which advocates for federal and state resources for children, Edelman is still at work in the fund’s red brick building on E Street NW, displaying at 74 the same passion she had in 1967, when she was a 27-year-old civil rights attorney leading Sen. Robert F. Kennedy through the Mississippi Delta.

How Children Transformed America

Marian Wright Edelman Huffington Post
"We seek to honor on this fiftieth anniversary of the Birmingham Children’s Crusade the role of children and youth who were frontline soldiers in desegregating public schools and public accommodations. I hope they will inspire us to remind children and youth today that they are not citizens in waiting; they too can be transforming agents for change."
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