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America Was Eager for Chinese Immigrants. What Happened?

Michael Luo The New Yorker
In the gold-rush era, initial ceremonial greetings soon gave way to bigotry and violence as Chinese immigrants were tarred as a “coolie race” and cast as a threat to free white labor. The two books under review tell the story of how and why.

The Long Road to Nuclear Justice for the Marshallese People

Olivia Paschal Facing South
U.S. nuclear testing resulted in entire islands vaporized and others uninhabitable due to radioactive fallout, displacing thousands of Marshallese people — many of whom out of necessity now live in the country whose government uprooted them...


Haryana: Farmers, Workers Gear Up for January 8 Strike

Siddharth Tiwari The Times of India
Farmers and workers plan a mass strike in India this Wednesday, January 8, in protest of the agrarian crisis, attacks on labor rights, and the new Citizenship Amendment Act. They will be joined by student groups and citizenship rights groups.

Neoliberalism Has Created New System of Dual Citizenship for the Poor and the 1%

Bill Fletcher, Jr. Alternet
The exit from a dystopian future does not rest with a brave individual or a small group of high tech activists who undermine the state. Rather, it rests in winning the confidence of millions that there is an alternative to chaos and dystopia that is not to be found in one or another variant of authoritarianism. This is the challenge for the global Left . . .
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