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Global Left Midweek - March 20, 2019

Worldwide Climate Protest, Algiers Upsurge, Stédile on Venezuela, Philippines Strike, Yellow Vests, Remembering Marielle, Ukraine Elections, Pakistani Women's Movement Under Attack


An Ecosocialist Green New Deal: Guiding Principles

DSA Ecosocialists Democratic Socialists of America
Our role is to help build a militant mass working-class movement that is powerful enough to secure human flourishing for all beyond the critical next decades, not just survival for some.

Global Student Climate Strike

Julia Conley Common Dreams
"We are facing the greatest existential crisis humanity has ever faced. And yet it has been ignored. You who have ignored it know who you are.”


Why Unions Must Bargain Over Climate Change

Nato Green Working In These Times
The policies of a Green New Deal require a robust and well-funded public sector with good union jobs. Because of the nature of public sector work, a Green New Deal disproportionately benefits women and people of color.

Puerto Rico: ‘I Know There’s a Path’

Alexandra Tempus The Progressive
Since unabashedly calling out President Donald Trump over his disastrous response to Puerto Rico's suffering after two massive hurricanes, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has pushed for a transformation that returns autonomy to the island’s people.

Who’s Afraid of the Green New Deal?

Kate Aronoff The Intercept
There may be no issue that lends itself better to a “which side are you on”-style politics than the climate crisis

The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn on the Green New Deal

Naomi Klein The Intercept
Those are the stark options before us -- climate destruction or the Green New Deal. And which outcome we end up with depends on the actions taken by social movements in the next two years.
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