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Social Security and Medicare: Fun With Numbers Time

Dean Baker CEPR
The whole subsidy to retiree story is a diversion from the many important issues facing the country. Even the core idea, that we don’t adequately support the young because we give too much to the elderly is wrong.

How the United States Underdeveloped Somalia

Jason C. Mueller Marxist Sociology Blog - Theory, Research, Politics
US’ historical legacies of brutality in Somalia, connecting these patterns to the US corporate interests in extracting natural resources in Somalia, and the broader legacies of militarized accumulation, environmental destruction, and racist brutality

Forest Management: Let’s Reclaim Our Intentions

Sarah Hyden CounterPunch
With the warming and drying climate, and with a multitude of other stresses on forest ecosystems, the best course is less is more — much less. We cannot actually fix ecosystems, we can only support their natural healing process.
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