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The Surfside Condo Collapse and Its Environmental Warning Signals

Tina Gerhardt EcoWatch
Scientists are not as surprised by the disaster, for numerous reasons. While none of them is necessarily the sole cause of the condo collapse, any one or a combination of them might be implicated in whatever other causes are eventually found.


H Patricia Hynes Portside
“Hope…is not the same as joy that things are going well…or…headed for early success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good...”

America Rejoins the World?

John Feffer Foreign Policy in Focus
It simply doesn’t make a lot of sense to entrust leadership to a country with a severe personality disorder.

The Most Important Climate Ballot Initiatives to Watch on Election Day

Dharna Noor Earther/Gizmodo
Rideshare Drivers United caravanned from San Diego to Uber’s San Francisco headquarters to protest Proposition 22. This election is full of existential choices from President to crucial races for the Senate and House. There are also a number of important state and local ballot initiatives and referendums that will influence our ability to preserve the biosphere.

Amid the Howl of the Pandemic the Silence of the Climate Watchdogs

Mark Hertsgaard Columbia Journalism Review
Keystone XL protesters carry a replica pipeline. The press focus on COVID-19 has distracted it from its watchdog function on key issues like the climate crisis. US newsrooms must cover the climate crisis, and expand the coronavirus story to include those who are profiteering from the pandemic.
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