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Tidbits - December 25, 2014- Holiday edition

Reader Comments-Colbert Nation; Is It Band Enough Yet; Southern Jim Crow Murder; Cuba; How America's Relationship With Cuba Will Change; We express our condolences - Millions March NYC and Center for Constitutional Rights; Angela Davis on police violence; Youth Shall Lead in struggle against police violence; Political Athletes; "Negro-Jewish Unity" and IWO; torture; FBI; Panama invasion; New resources: On Torture; Staughton Lynd book; Stevie Wonder; theater review

Farewell, Colbert Nation

Eric Boehlert Media Matters
Colbert once described his character as a "well-intentioned, poorly informed, high-status idiot." Colbert has resonated because Fox News is currently filled with closed-minded millionaire hosts who perfectly mirror the buffoonery Colbert projects every week.
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