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The Constitution and the American Left

Azia Rana Dissent
A culture of reverence for the U.S. Constitution shields the founding document from criticism, despite its many shortcomings. We need an alternative vision that provides meaningful freedom at home and embraces self-determination abroad.

The Palestinian Struggle for Labor Rights in Israel

Jaclynn Ashly Jacobin
Palestinian workers whose underpaid labor provides part of Israel’s low-cost workforce. Their stories of organizing amid ethnic cleansing shed light on how this work is a crucial lifeline for Palestinians — now severed by the devastation of war.

Explaining Israel’s ‘Intelligence Failure’ on Hamas

Nyki Duda The Progressive
Discussion about the failure to see that Hamas had the capability and intent to do what it did isn’t being linked to something that would be obvious to any historian of colonialism: these intelligence failures are inherent to any colonial project.

The Discovery of Europe

Álvaro Enrigue The New York Review
A new book investigates the lives of the hundreds of thousands of indigenous Americans who were brought to or traveled to Europe in the sixteenth century—a story central to the beginning of globalization.


Achille Mbembe: Necropolitics

Antonio Pele Critical Legal Thinking
Reviewer Pele says author Mbembe defines “necropolitics” “as the political making of spaces and subjectivities in an in-between of life and death.” Necropolitical practices have their origins in colonialism and the slave plantation.
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