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Pat Fry: A Tribute in Memoriam

Geoffrey Jacques Portside
Pat Fry was a long-time activist, journalist, and leader in the working class, peace, solidarity, anti-imperialist, and left-wing and socialist movements in the United States, dies after long struggle with cancer.


Celebrating the Leadership and Comradeship of Charlene Mitchell

William P. Jones Portside
“People who truly believe in justice and equality, and peace and socialism, should not actually really care whether their contributions are individually noted,” Angela Davis asserted at a tribute to her friend and mentor, Charlene Mitchell, in 2009.

What Now? - Socialist Perspectives and Election Analysis from CCDS and DSA

What happened Nov. 8th, and why? Here two socialist organizations present their analysis of both why, and what next. Statements from the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS) and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). -- The fight against the far right assault must be fashioned around specific programs and demands that unite the broadest sectors of the working class, regardless of political stance.

Carl Bloice remembered, 1939-2014

Remembered by a Group of His Friends Portside
Carl Bloice, Portside moderator, journalist, editor, political theorist, activist and teacher, died April 12 in San Francisco, after a long battle with cancer. He was 75. He was one of the founding moderators of Portside, responsible for the Saturday posts, including writing REWIND, composed of the Quote of the Day and Toon of the Day, which he assembled. Carl leaves behind a world enriched by his contributions, with friends throughout the world.

A Challenge for the Left: Unite & Defeat Austerity

Carl Bloice Portside
Efforts to achieve such unity is possible if we maintain an atmosphere of tolerance and eschew subjective responses to past encounters and disputes. This effort should involve not only members of existing socialist groups and publications but the many unorganized left activists in the struggle for economic and social justice, democracy and peace.
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