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Will the US Move Toward “Demonstration Elections”?

Van Gosse The Nation
If fascism—or even just an authoritarian regime—does happen here in November, it may look surprisingly familiar. The current Supreme Court is likely to go along with whatever bald-faced violation of constitutional norms Trump orders...

America Is Not a Democracy

David Dayen American Prospect
The movement to save democracy from threats is too quick to overlook the problems that have been present since the founding.

Defending Allende

Ariel Dorfman The New York Review
The question of where Chile’s true identity lies becomes ever more pressing as the fiftieth anniversary of Pinochet’s coup approaches.

White Minority Locks Out First Black Mayor of Newbern, Alabama

Equal Justice Initiative Equal Justice Initiative
Patrick Braxton, first Black mayor of Newbern, small town in Alabama’s Black Belt region, filed federal civil rights lawsuit alleging the white former mayor and city council members violated the Constitution when they locked him out of the Town Hall

Chile Has Entered Its Thermidorian Period

Marcelo Casals, Translation by Nicolas Allen Jacobin
The far right’s victory in elections for the Constitutional Council may be the death knell for a progressive constitution in Chile. It’s also a needed wake-up call for the Chilean left.
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