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We Did Not Evolve To Be Selfish

April Short Indpendent Media Institute
A new paper on multilevel cultural evolution shows how looking to our cultural evolutionary origins might help us improve society.

The Secrets of Cooperation

Bob Holmes Knowable Magazine
Most people care what others think of them. In many situations, that can be leveraged for the common good.

Imagine a World with U.S.-China Cooperation

Lawrence S Wittner History News Network
When China and the United States cooperate, the two countries and the world will benefit; when China and the United States are in confrontation, the two countries and the world will suffer, Chinese Pres. Xi Jinping to Pres. Joe Biden, Sept. 10, 2021

Friday Nite Videos | June 18, 2021

Election Officials Are Under Attack. Iko Iko | Playing for Change. The One and Only Dick Gregory | Documentary. New Study Shows the Single Biggest Motivation for the Jan. 6 Rioters. Why It Actually Might Be 'Survival of the Friendliest.'

'Lord of the Flies,' Revisited

Jim Hightower Common Dreams
In striving to institute a culture of justice, it's self-defeating to assume humankind is innately selfish, as Golding did in "Lord of the Flies." Rather, we should rally the majority, appealing to their natural instincts for an egalitarian society.
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