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Friday Nite Videos | August 4, 2023

One Company Controls America’s Entire Health Care System. Bob Dylan | A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall. Reservation Dogs | Season 3. Oppenheimer’s Secret City, Explained. How Humans Change Their Own DNA.

The Populist Fight Against Corporate Power Circa 1892

John Collins In These Times
Populism is an ideological chameleon—often supplemented with whatever authoritarian, nationalist or socialist inclinations held by those leading the particular movement—populist victories can (and often do) manifest in all manner of terrible ways around the world. Other times, they change the political realm for the better.

High School Football Inc.

Jere Longman New York Times
What happens when corporate America appropriates high school football . . .

Piety and Politics in America

Susan Jacoby The American Prospect
The tension between religiosity and secular government goes back to the nation’s founding.
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