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Victory! – Starbucks Stops Opposing Its Baristas’ Union

Harold Meyerson The American Prospect
In a historic breakthrough, Starbucks and its workers announce they’ve come together. In a joint announcement Starbucks and Workers United agreed “to begin discussions on a foundational framework designed to achieve…collective bargaining agreements.”

5 Reasons Why a Debt Commission Is the Wrong Prescription

Sharon Parrott, Joel Friedman Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Raising revenues is central to any responsible effort to reduce deficits, but there is no sign that long-standing Republican resistance to raising revenues has reversed or even softened.

Why Does Flying Suck So Much?

Robert Reich Nation of Change
Companies get away with bad behavior when we accept their excuses that there’s just no other way to run a business.

Executive Trading in Health Care Stocks

Ellis Simani and Robert Faturechi ProPublica
Secret IRS records reveal dozens of highly fortuitous biotech and health care trades. One executive bought shares in a corporate partner just before a sale, and an investor traded options right before a company’s revenues took off, netting millions.

To Deepen Democracy, Give Workers More Say

Desmond Serrette Convergence
If we are to save our democracy, we must increase the influence of everyday people, of the workers who make corporations run. Worker power is the only counterbalance to corporate power.
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