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Tariffs Don’t Protect Jobs. Don’t Be Fooled.

Richard D. Wolff Independent Media Institute - Economy For All
Both Trump and Biden imposed high tariffs on imported products made in China and other countries. Those impositions broke with and departed from the previous half century’s policies favoring “free trade.”

Fantasyland General

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
Hospital pricing is impenetrable to consumers and regulators alike. The result: increased costs and profits, and wasteful reliance on armies of middlemen.

Big Food, Big Profits, Big Lies

Veronica Riccobene The Lever
While blaming inflation for rising prices, the country’s biggest food and restaurant companies are raking in billions and showering shareholders with payouts.

Why Homelessness Stalks America Like the Grim Reaper

Thom Hartmann The Hartmann Report
Both homelessness & inflation are the result of America allowing housing to become a commodity that can be traded & speculated in by financial markets & overseas investors...

Wall Street’s New Prison Scam

Katya Schwenk The Lever
As states crack down on prison-phone price gouging and resulting government kickbacks, telecom companies and their private equity backers have new ways to game the system.

Why Private Investment Isn’t Driving a Rapid Green Transition

An Interview with Brett Christophers Jacobin
Declining renewable energy prices have not led to a long-predicted renewables boom, because green energy still isn’t sufficiently profitable for private investors. Public investment and ownership is essential to driving a rapid green transition.
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