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National (In)Security and the Pentagon Budget

Mandy Smithberger TomDispatch
A Post-Coronavirus economy can no longer afford to put the Pentagon first. As it turns out, creating jobs through Pentagon spending is among the least effective ways to rebuild the economy.


Do Corporations Like Amazon and Foxconn Need Public Assistance?

E. Tammy Kim New York Review of Books
What if, on the front end of corporate subsidies, the workers and residents on whose behalf deals such as that made with Foxconn in Wisconsin and Amazon in New York are ostensibly made, had a chance to weigh in?

Getting the Export-Import Bank to Pay Dividends

Dean Baker Truthout
If we have to give handouts to big corporations, it seems reasonable to put some conditions on the cash. After all, we put all sorts of conditions on TANF benefits of $500 a month, it seems reasonable to ask something of the companies that get tens of millions of loan subsidies through the Ex-Im Bank. This should be a great opportunity to see where people really stand.
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