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The AMLO Project

Edwin F. Ackerman Sidecar/New Left Review
Whatever the shortcomings of AMLO’s answers, his attempt to break with neoliberalism cannot easily be dismissed.

Friday Nite Videos | April 14, 2023

Clarence Thomas' Secret Life of Luxury. Teach Your Children | Playing For Change. Tennessee Republicans Met With Devastating Response. What Is Working-Class Environmentalism? How Solar Energy Got So Cheap.

Clarence Thomas' Secret Life of Luxury

ProPublica reporter Joshua Kaplan and Editor-in-Chief Steve Engelberg discuss how the bombshell report came together and what it means for our justice system.

George Santos Faces Calls To Resign From 4 G.O.P. Congressmen

Michael Gold and Grace Ashford New York Times
Republican officials in New York sharply denounced the embattled representative, even as leaders in Washington have said they will not push him to step down. Meanwhile Speaker McCarthy said he woulld resist calls to get Santos to resign.
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