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How To Convict Trump

Norman Eisen, Andrew Weissmann and Joyce Vance New York Times
The potential for conviction and actually winning a jury verdict are two very different things — particularly against the notoriously combative and slippery former president. To convict, Mr. Smith will have to overcome four significant hurdles.

Who Gets To Try Trump First?

Darryl K. Brown The Conversation
Nothing in the U.S. Constitution or federal law dictates that federal criminal cases get priority over state cases, or that prosecutions proceed in the order in which indictments are issued.

Cash Bail Is an Abomination of Justice. We Should Get Rid of It

Mansa Musa interview with David Gaspar Real News Network
The blunt fact about the cash bail system in the US is that it creates a two-tier system of “justice” in which the presumption of innocence is denied to people who have not been convicted of anything but the “crime” of being poor.

Prisoners Reignite Movement To End Mass Incarceration

Raymond Williams Waging Nonviolence
Death by incarceration is the most prevalent and most overlooked form of state sponsored execution. They call it a life sentence, but that is a misnomer. Any prison sentence that a person cannot outlive is a sentence to death.

Interview: Reporting on COVID From Behind Bars

Paco Alvarez Type Investigations
In this conversation, we talk to Juan Moreno Haines, editor of the San Quentin News, about what drew him to investigate the Adjustment Center, and what it was like to report on the prison’s Covid-19 crisis as he was living through it.

Never Throw Away the Key

Joseph G. Ramsey ZNet
Just Mercy challenges us not just to abolish the cruel, oppressive, and racist system of death sentencing, but to move beyond soul-killing modes of thought that are part of what make such systems of oppression possible in the first place.
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