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Terrorism’s Double Standard

Trevor Aaronson The Intercept
Violent Far-Right Extremists Are Rarely Prosecuted as Terrorists. Since 9/11 federal prosecutors have applied anti-terrorism laws against 34 right-wing extremists compared to more than 500 international terrorism defendants.

First Step Act Has Sinister Implications for the Poor and Marginalized

Candice Bernd Truthout
The modest sentence reductions in the bill are so narrow that veteran reform advocates say the long-term, harmful provisions of the legislation — including its reliance on racist risk assessment mechanisms and expansion of electronic monitoring...

The Very Hard Lessons We Learned: Real Justice

Shaun King Real Justice
Real justice text When we launched the Real Justice PAC we decided that we wanted to not only help elect leaders who would radically change the justice system from the inside out, we decided that we would be the most transparent, open organization in this space.. .

New Federal Prison Policies May Put Books and Email on Ice

Lauren Gill In Justice Today
New Bureau of Prisons policies will make it harder and more expensive for federal inmates to receive books through the mail. In addition, another new policy will limit inmate access to people outside through the prison email system.

The 'Slave Power' Behind Florida's Felon Disenfranchisement

Garrett Epps The Atlantic
Even though ex-felons do not have a “right” to vote the arbitrariness and potential bias of the restoration process offend “two First Amendment rights; namely, free association and free expression.”
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