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Achille Mbembe: Necropolitics

Antonio Pele Critical Legal Thinking
Reviewer Pele says author Mbembe defines “necropolitics” “as the political making of spaces and subjectivities in an in-between of life and death.” Necropolitical practices have their origins in colonialism and the slave plantation.


Karl Kautsky on Democracy and Republicanism

Rida Vaquas Prometheus
Karl Kautsky was once the world's leading Marxist theoretician, but his reputation dimmed after World War I. On the occasion of the publication of a newly translated volume of his writings, reviewer Vaquas offers a reassessment.


Jazz as Credo

Dhanveer Singh Brar Radical Philosophy
Frankfurt School critical theorist Theodor Adorno wrote a number of controversial essays on jazz. This new book assesses that writing. Reviewer Brar offers an assessment.
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