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Friday Nite Videos -- February 17, 2017

President Trump's Bats**t Press Conference. Gimme Shelter. How Steve Bannon Sees the World. Is the Trump White House High? Trump vs. Truth.

President Trump's Bats**t Press Conference

During a no-holds-barred press conference, President Trump lashes out at the media, pushes lies about his Electoral College victory and boasts that he's not anti-Semitic. 

Unpacking Stop-and-Frisk

Trevor breaks down how New York City's controversial stop-and-frisk program targeted young men of color and exacerbated racial tensions.

Friday Nite Videos -- July 29, 2016

Fear and Acceptance at the Democratic Convention. Most Lives Matter. Al Franken Get Donald Trump, to a T. Wasserman-Schultz Still Faces Primary Challenge. The Protein Folding Revolution.

Friday Nite Videos -- January 15, 2016

Get Up Stand Up | Live in Brazil. The Legend of Bernie Sanders. Fortunate Son -- Creedence Clearwater Revival. The Great Of The Union. Oscars' Voting Is Biased Toward Bland Movies.

The Legend of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders closes in on Hillary Clinton in the presidential polls, so Trevor examines the Vermont senator's brand of democratic socialism.

Friday Nite Videos -- January 8, 2016

Birthers Target Ted Cruz. Bernie Sanders: Wall Street Reform. Tracy Chapman - The Times They Are A Changin'. Dry Up or Drown - Evan Webb and the Rural Route Ramblers. Don't Let Donald Trump Fool You: Rightwing Populism Is the New Normal.
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