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How to Organize to Win

Marshall Ganz The Nation
Rebuilding the democratic infrastructure is too important to leave up to the consultocracy. Mobilizers only turn out people with whom they agree. Organizers engage these people in reaching out to other people with whom they don’t agree.

Let’s Get Real About Russiagate

Katha Pollitt The Nation
Some on the left are still waving away the inconvenient facts that don’t fit with their politics.

The Fascist Threat and How to Combat It

Mark Solomon Portside
Proto-Fascism - seeding of the political ground for full-born fascism, tends to move from threat to reality when principal segments of finance capital no longer consider parliamentary democracy, their preferred form of rule, to be a guarantor of their hegemony. That tendency is increasingly global.

Today’s Eerie Echoes of the Civil War

Manisha Sinha New York Review of Books
How does our epoch of political polarization compare to the decade that was rent over the issue of slavery before the Civil War? Historical analogies can be misleading, but the controversies that bedeviled that age still haunt us. In certain ways, they foreshadow our own divided house.


The People vs Democracy

Lloyd Green The Guardian
Yascha Mounk argues that democracy and liberalism are not synonymous and counsels Americans to look to the examples of Hungary, India and Turkey.

Defending Afrin

Rosa Burç Kerem Schamberger Jacobin
Turkey's war on Afrin is an attack not only on Kurdish self-determination, but on democracy and women's liberation in the Middle East.


How Democracies Die and How They Live

Jeffrey C. Isaac Public Seminar
This book has prompted a wide-ranging and rich discussion about the state of liberal democracy today, especially in the United States. Here, reviewer Issac uses the book to inquire into a wide range of topics regarding how we might think about democratic norms and procedures in the current period.
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