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Estimated Costs of Covid-19 Election Resiliency Measures

Lawrence Norden, Edgardo Cortés, Elizabeth Howard, Derek Tisler, Gowri Ramachandran Brennan Center for Justice
Proper planning can ensure that the pandemic does not prevent a free and fair election. To be effective, funding is urgently needed.

Resistance and Devotedness: Learning Democracy Under Pressure

Kitti Baracsi Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung
Resistance by a school community, albeit sometimes fleeting, and devotedness, can change children's education. And what better way could there be of learning democratic resistance than local initiatives adopting a solidarity-based approach?


Afterlives of the Emergency

Divya Subramanian Dissent
Responding to widespread popular discontent, Indira Gandhi marshaled the powers of the Constitution to suspend the rule of law. Her actions anticipated the crisis of democracy in India today.

Why Impeachment Was Not a Mistake

Robert Kuttner The American Prospect
Republican devotion to the Great Dictator held. Trump is gloating. But impeachment responded to a challenge to democracy that had to be answered.

Democracy Is in Crisis. Karl Marx Can Help.

Bruno Leipold Jacobin
Karl Marx is often thought of as a purely economic thinker. But the famed socialist was a committed democrat — and his writings offer potential remedies for democratizing our undemocratic political system.


Authoritarian Neoliberalism: Philosophies, Practices, Contestations

Lars Cornelissen Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
This book of case studies of countries across the global North and South examines neoliberalism's impact on legal, corporate, and public governance, and looks at how those ways of governing pose a challenge to democracy.
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