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Protecting America’s Freedoms

David McCall, USW International President United Steelworkers
“Virtually everything we do is determined by politics. It’s just so important, from the smallest thing in your life to the biggest. Union people need to understand how powerful their vote is—how important their vote is.”


There’s a Reason Trump Has Friends in High Places

Jamelle Bouie New York Times
Some business leaders see “the threat to capitalism from the Democrats is more concerning than the threat to democracy from Trump.” Biden’s efforts to regulate markets have led them to look past their misgivings about the Jan. 6th insurrection.

How Israel’s Illiberal Democracy Became a Model for the Right

Suzanne Schneider Dissent
Israel maintains a system of unequal citizenship system for Jewish and Palestinian Israelis. This version of democracy has long prevailed in Israel, and the Jewish state’s supporters now offer it as a blueprint for the right around the world.

How Will AMLO’s Presidency Be Remembered?

Nicolas Allen, Edwin Ackerman, Jacques Coste, Viridiana Rios The Nation
To understand the outgoing president’s popularity—and why not all leftists love him—Nicolas Allen spoke to three Mexican analysts from across the progressive political spectrum.


The Illiberalism at America’s Core

Julian E. Zelizer The New Republic
A new history argues that illiberalism is not a backlash but a central feature from the founding to today.
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