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A Regional Reign of Terror

Eric Foner The New York Review
Most Americans now grasp that violence was essential to the functioning of slavery, but a new book excavates the lesser known brutality of everyday Black life in the Jim Crow South.


U.S. Labor and the Struggle for Democracy

Joseph A. McCartin New Labor Forum
The fight for democracy must infuse every union’s mission. If it does not, then the very survival of both democracy and the union movement will be imperiled.

Russia in Africa

Malick Doucouré CounterPunch
We should expect an intensification of Russian economic involvement and arms exports to African nations struggling with conflict, many dealing with wars that have their roots in Western colonial partition and displacement.

The Collapse of the Vertical

Oleg Sheyn Russian Dissent
A top-down society is extremely brittle. Vertical control is easier; it eliminates the need to convince anyone. But it is far less effective. The number of errors and the cost of correcting them increase sharply.
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