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Friday Nite Videos | August 21, 2020

Comedian Sarah Cooper Riffs on Trump at DNC. First Time Reaction | The Rolling Stones - Gimme Shelter. Coup 53: The CIA, MI6 and the Plot Against Iran. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Full Speech at the DNC. Joe Biden: Acceptable Under the Circumstances.

Why I Am Voting No on the Democratic Party Platform

Ro Khanna Common Dreams
History teaches us that sometimes an issue is so great that it should be the yardstick for measuring the wisdom of voting for or against the platform. And Medicare for All is that issue.

A Message to the Left About Kamala Harris — And Us

Richard Eskow Common Dreams
Should activists sit this election out? Not if you believe in activism. The right tactical call for activists is to elect the politicians they're most able to cajole, persuade, and pressure. That means viewing politicians in a different light...

The Rise of the Left - This Week's Democratic Primaries

Mehdi Hasan interviews Mondaire Jones and Ryan Grim The Intercept
This week's democratic primaries in Kentucky, New York, and Virginia saw a number of progressive challengers defeating moderate or establishment rivals. In New York were the victories of two insurgent candidates: Jamaal Bowman and Mondaire Jones.

De Blasio Staffers Demand `Radical Change from Mayor' in Open Letter

Shant Shahrigian New York Daily News
Two-hundred thirty-six current and former staffers for Mayor de Blasio signed an open letter calling on him to live up to the promises of reform that initially drew them to work for him. One demand is to cut the $6 billion police budget by 1/6.
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