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House Democrats to Introduce Article of Impeachment vs Trump

Rebecca Kaplan, Kathryn Watson, Grace Segers CBS News
The bill has nearly 160 cosponsors, a sign of the broad support among House Democrats to take action in the wake of the violence at the Capitol. It says Trump should be removed and disqualified from holding public office again.

Progressives Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Fighting Biden’s Nominees

Jeet Heer The Nation
The incoming administration is owed no deference when it picks corporate insiders. One complicating factor is that nominees like Tanden and Austin are preferable to some of the alternative names being floated for their positions.

In Georgia Senate Races, Change Comes Knocking

Jessica Goodheart Capital & Main
hand ringing doorbell Mijente, a multiracial Latinx organization, is one group that persevered and knocked on doors. At the doors is “where most of the valuable conversations and movement with people came from".

Overcoming the Urban-Rural Divide, Part 2

Anthony Flaccavento The Stansbury Forum
three photos of rural scenes People tune out when we go on and on; and if we let a little contempt seep into our erudition, the door slams shut. Maybe it’s time to start talking like a neighbor rather than an advocate.

Deb Haaland for Secretary of the Interior

Jonathan Nez Indian Country Today
We need a person like Congresswoman Haaland to build a stronger relationship between the federal government and tribal nations. The Secretary of the Interior oversees the management and conservation of federal lands.
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