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An American History of the Socialist Idea

Harold Meyerson Dissent
If there’s a lesson to be derived from Gary Dorrien’s account of American socialism, it’s that the movement’s open participation in and with the broad democratic left benefits the socialist cause.

DSA Debates Show Growing Pains

Christine Riddiough Convergence
DSA’s six-year growth spurt has fundamentally changed the organization. To resolve the deep issues it faces, it needs to meet the organizational challenges this change poses.

Why Ukraine Matters for the Left

Matthew Duss The New Republic
Opposition to U.S. adventurism is principled. But this is Putin’s adventurism, and the left must stand firmly against it....Supporting the defense of Ukraine is the right thing for the global left to do. Even if our own government is doing it.


Revolutionary Grounds

Jana Silverman The Forge
The main thing that I would say to comrades is: don't just do the propaganda. Don't just be in the campus group. Go and meet workers in your local high street and unionize them. That is the best thing a socialist could do: help to organize the working class where we find them today and fight the issues that they're facing today.


Socialists Are Trying To Revive the American Labor Movement

Gabriel Winant and Teagan Harris Jacobin
The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee, a partnership between socialists and the United Electrical Workers union, is trying to be at the heart of a new mass labor resurgence. Their success could help millions of workers.
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