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Children Change Their Parents’ Minds About Climate Change

Lydia Denworth Scientific American
“These encouraging results suggest that not only are children increasingly engaged in advocating for their future, they are also effective advocates to their parents,” says climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe

A 97% Decline in Monarch Butterflies

Gabrielle Canon The Guardian
In the 1980s, roughly 4.5 million monarchs wintered in California, but at last count, there may be as few as 30,000

How America's Most Plentiful Bird Disappeared

Shannon Heffernan WBEZ
People had trouble trying to wrap their minds around how the Passenger Pigeon could disappear,. They came up with all kinds of theories to explain why it wasn’t human’s fault, like that the birds moved to South America and changed their appearance. There is a similar reaction now. There is a common human reaction that when confronted with an inconvenient truth to deny it, You can see it today with climate change.
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